Specialized Turbo Bike - Riden Twice - Dont Miss This Chance in BROOKLYN PARK, South Australia for sale

Specialized Turbo Bike - Riden Twice - Dont Miss This
Specialized Turbo Bike - Riden Twice - Dont Miss This
Specialized Turbo Bike - Riden Twice - Dont Miss This

Specialized Turbo 2015
Riden Twice, absolutely brand spanking new, price negotiable. Here is your chance to grab an ansolute bargain at over $1,200 less than what its worth! So much fun to ride, pedal easily on Turbo mode and reach high speeds, use other modes to get some fitness out of the effort, you will be the envy of everyone as you fly past with limited effort.
The Specialized Turbo is a very powerful road-style electric bike. With a 36v down tube mounted battery and 250w gearless high-speed, direct drive rear hub motor, this bike will go fast - up to 45kph. The Turbo is extremely refined, quiet, and smooth, with the battery pack, computer display system and LED lighting kit all beautifully integrated. Comes with an SRAM X7 drive train and Formula C1 dual piston hydraulic disc brakes. The Turbo is a high-performance electric road bike.
Battery: The Turbo comes with a powerful, integrated downtube 36V12.7Ah 468Wh lithium-ion battery with a self-locking key release. The down tube mounted battery gives the Specialized Turbo great weight distribution, handling, and ease of use. It provides a range of up to 30 miles on the lowest level of assist. The battery comes equipped with an LED battery level indicator with a start-up diagnostic feature and magnetic connectors. The Turbo’s battery can be easily charged on or off the bike.
Brakes: The Specialized Turbo is equipped with Italian-made Formula C1, dual piston hydraulic disc brakes. These versatile brakes also come with Formula’s new cartridge technology making them easy to maintain while providing great performance. No matter how hard you ride, stopping should be no concern with 180mm front and rear rotors, coupled with dual piston brake calipers weighing in at just 346 grams each.
Frame: The Specialized Turbo features a lightweight hydroformed 6061 aircraft grade aluminum frame.
Drivetrain: The Turbo’s drivetrain consists of a high-performing SRAM X7 SL, 10-speed flat bar trigger shifter and a Shimano X7 type 2 10-speed, long cage rear derailleur with a SRAM PG 1030 10-speed cassette. This drive provides simple shifting while accurately being able to switch gears and climb hills.
Motor: The Turbo utilizes the powerful custom built Specialized 200W nominal power (700W maximal power) G45C X12 direct drive, gearless, high-speed, rear hub motor for excellent acceleration and climbing. These powerful, high-speed motors are extremely responsive, quiet and excellent for climbing hills.
Riding Modes: The Specialized system features a variety of drive modes to meet a wide range of needs, including start-throttle mode, pedal assistance eco mode, pedal assistance turbo mode and the option to turn all assist modes off. Start throttle mode propels you up to approximately 17kph and is operated by holding down the joystick located on the control pad. Turbo mode offers maximum power pedal assistance with the motor contributing an additional 100% to the rider’s pedal power, propelling you up to 45kph. Eco mode is the most effective drive mode and optimal for long tours by contributing the lowest amount of power while still giving you a sufficient amount of assistance. Lastly, the Turbo has the option to turn off all assist modes and the bike will perform as a normal non-assisted bike would.
Display: The Specialized large LCD illuminated Turbo Clean Cockpit display system provides information such as pedal assist level, the option to turn lights on or off, speed, trip, distance, battery level, and time.
Range: The Specialized Turbo utilizes an efficient 460Wh battery with a range of up to 45kms in the lowest level of pedal assist under optimal conditions. Range will always vary depending on use of drive mode, how much you pedal, the type of terrain, and the rider’s weight.
Tires: The comfort and performance of the Turbo is reinforced with its high-quality, smooth 700x45c Electrak trigger 47 tyres with Armadillo protections and presta valves.